Hi, I’m Colleen and I have an ongoing love affair with Mariano’s cornbread. My favorite day of the week is Wednesday (because that’s the one day of the week I can indulge in a nap) & Goodwill shopping sprees are my weakness. I’m currently studyin’ and livin’ it up in the big city, but I’m a small town girl at heart so I create, love, and build my business in Wisconsin. I live for stolen hours in coffee shops with my laptop & a good pair of headphones, feeding off of everyone’s productive energy & checking off items on my ever-expanding to-do lists.


I’m a portrait photographer, student, marketing professional, and unapologetic entrepreneur. I’m passionate about Oxford commas, $4 bottles of wine, and getting the window seat on train rides (that dual-city life!) I love my clients, like, a lot, and my goal is to be their best friend. I want to laugh together, learn about each other, and probably embarrass myself in front of you. I refuse to take myself too seriously, so you shouldn’t either. Gotta keep it real, y’all!


When it comes to senior shoots, I want to be your personal bff for the day (although you’re welcome to bring your IRL BFF as well!) I’ll be your personal outfit-connoisseur, joke teller, and hair fixer. If you’re willing to be a little adventurous and aren’t afraid of a little dirt your shoot is bound to be epic. I don’t want to meet at our location and leave an hour later knowing I’ll never talk to you again. Honestly, that’s my worst nightmare! I want to adventure around, climbing up hills to get the perfect light and grabbing a quick coffee during your shoot because that coffee shop is WAY too cute to pass up. And beyond all of the little things on your shoot day, the magic will spark years later when you’re looking back on not only what you looked like, but who you were, what made you laugh, and what brought that genuine smile to your face during the best years of your life. It’s not really about the photos- its about choosing the right photographer to tell your story.


I know I’m not the right photographer for every single senior- and I don’t want to be! I want to work with the seniors that have been planning their senior shoot in the back of their head since before they were even thinking about what college to apply to. I want to work with seniors that want an experience, not just photos. I want to work with the senior who I’m going to run into at the grocery store and both of us go in for a hug and an “ohmygod, how ARE you??” without any hesitation. So, want to be honorary BFFs? 


Passion Projects

The Waukesha Summer Drama Academy

When I graduated high school my drama teacher asked me if I wanted to start a summer theater camp with him. I said hell yes. Three years later you can pretty regularly find me running around trying to organize 100+ kids ages 6-18. I am useless as an actress, but I'm obsessed with organization and working with people, so I take on the back end of things. I have such a soft spot in my heart for my little (and not-so-little) buddies and camp is truly one of the best parts of every summer. 


I take any chance I get to travel to a new city. Thus far I've checked off New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah, England, Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Oregon, and probably a few more that I'm forgetting. I have big plans for the next few years too!

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