Bombshell Best Friend

Did I luck out in the best friend department or what? This pretty lady has been in my life since before I can really remember, and (as you can see) she's kind of amazing. In addition to being one of the most naturally stunning people I know, she's also incredibly supportive, funny, spontaneous, optimistic, humble, and hard-working (not to mention almost always down for a photoshoot!) Altogether, you can't do much better than having a Mariah in your life.

On top of all that, she's also an amazing artist and is attending MIAD, so she took me around to check out some great spots in the Third Ward! I absolutely love exploring new locations for shoots, and I couldn't have asked for better company. 

I may pay for this in the long run, but here's a throwback to the very first photoshoot that we did together- we were probably 11 or 12! Totally cringe-worthy, right? 

And lastly, some proof that Ria is just as good behind the camera as in front of it! I'll try and find a link to some of her work to put up eventually too.