Reilly & Zac, Prom 2015

This may be totally cheesy, but the most magical nights of my 19 years so far have been my Junior and Senior Proms. Theres something about spending weeks picking out the perfect dress, getting ready with your girlfriends for hours, and then being picked up at your front door by a handsome guy in a tux for a night of dancing and food. Sure, there are some parts that aren't so glamourous- eyelash glue gets everywhere, hair disasters happen, and maybe you forget your slip for pictures so every parent who comes to see their kids dressed to the nines can see your underwear (but that never happened to me... ha... hahaha...) But no matter what crazy stuff happened I look back on those two nights with incredible fondness. 

This year, when my little brother somehow conned a gorgeous girl to go to prom with him (he's a sophomore, she's a senior) I decided to make a day of it, and offered to do photoshoots with anyone who was willing to get ready a little early and bring their date on over to the park by my house.

So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce Reilly & Zac!

P.S. Those who know me may recognize a certain featured dress ;)