Connor & Liv, Prom 2015

Alright readers, this one may get a little gushy. That handsome kid you're seeing there is my very own little brother! There once was a point in time when I could bust out ten or so criticisms of him in one breath, but lately he's kind of turned into a totally cool kid who I genuinely enjoy hanging out with. He's a straight-A student, a varsity track runner, and (most importantly) a kick-ass partner in crime. 

Now that I'm done raving, here's Connor's prom pictures! He's only a sophomore, but his gorgeous girlfriend, Liv, is a senior this year so he got to sneak in a year early (read 'til the end to see how he asked her!). I have to say, they are pretty much the cutest couple ever. I haven't seen him actually smile for a camera since before I can remember and any girl that can get him to do so is alright in my book :) 

Just for good measure, as it is my job as older sister to make sure that my sibling is thoroughly embarrassed at every possible moment, here are some selections from the 'blackmail' folder that I keep handy at all times on my desktop. 

Aaaaand here's how he asked her! I can't imagine anything more 'Connor' than dressing up with a fake mustache and a sombrero.