Brendan + Rebecca

Okay, first things first. Rebecca's hair is totally to die for, right?! My whole life I've lusted after curly hair, but without even a bit of wave that I can coax into anything close to 'texture', I'm left with merely drooling over other girls natural ringlets. And that color! Ugh, so jealous. 

Hair envy aside, I'm totally in love with how this photoshoot turned out! These two are just about the cutest couple ever (I know, I say that about everyone, but I really do mean it!). My favorite thing in the world is when I can just step back and capture two people being natural and candid- and I came away from this photoshoot with an SD card full of exactly that. I love all of the natural smiles and interactions that I was able to capture- I hope you do too! 

IMG_0152 ccopy.jpg