Stephanie 2015

Combine my three favorite things- Steph LaChance, the Third Ward, and photography and what do you get? The cutest senior shoot there ever was! I love being able to photograph people I'm close to, and this was no exception. Steph is just about the prettiest, most darling, goofy, genuine and caring person you can ever have in your life and i'm so glad I had the privilege of capturing her joy and beauty.

{Quick anecdote to speak to Steph's goofiness- I usually have people bring a friend along to make them laugh, so that I can capture their genuine smile. We brought along our friend Jenn who, despite a great effort, wasn't having much luck getting Steph to smile. Halfway through we figured out that Steph laughed the hardest at her own jokes, so we just let her giggle away on her own.} 

Shout out to Jenn again for these adorable Polaroids! Check out Jenn Ingraham Photography on Facebook for some more beautiful shots:)

IMG_7114 copy.jpg