Flower Child(ren)

This shoot is one I've been meaning to blog for forever now! It's so easy to let the fun stuff slip off your plate when your schedule is bursting with other responsibilities, but I finally had a day free to edit and post these beauties' pictures! After doing the flower crown photoshoot with Liv on Washington Island, I couldn't wait to try another one with some more colorful crowns, so I recruited my BFF Emily to gather the perfect threesome to pose for me. Hunting for faux flowers at Goodwill and other thrift stores and combining different colors of flowers was so much fun, and I really think that I ended up with a crown that suited each girl perfectly! I'm so incredibly fortunate to have such beautiful friends, inside and out, at my disposal to satiate my creative whims. A huge thanks to Emily, Alli, and Nancy for being the perfect muses!