I had noticed Colleen’s work a while back and kept her at the forefront of my mind for when I would need a shoot. When I needed a rush photoshoot to hit a deadline for my fabric collection. As a creative, I had an aesthetic in mind and would not compromise on hiring just anyone to hit that deadline. 

Colleen specializes in knowing what female entrepreneurs need spotlighted and she listened to me. As a “one woman show” business owner, I’m usually just keeping my head down and getting work done. It’s always a bit out of my comfort zone to think about stopping and getting branding/social media photos taken with myself actually in them. I also wanted to make sure I got variety within that shoot and Colleen delivered on that as well as making me feel comfortable.

Stephanie, Fancy That Design House


Before I discovered Colleen Kubiak Media I felt my content creation had a lack of creative direction and I needed to invest in the quality of my photographs. I wanted to partner with a photographer who would give me direction, while respecting my personal style and aesthetic. 

The moment I opened my first photo shoot link from Colleen I knew that my problem was solved. Colleen created a warm and inviting environment, provided great direction during our photoshoots, and brought fun new ideas. She has such a radiating personality, I love working with her and seeing our photos is always such a great moment!

Riva Treasure, What Riva Wore


I was in need of more authentic, professional and fun headshots, but all of the other photographers I had used had no creativity. They were all the stuffy, super dull headshots you typically would see with a backdrop. Colleen let me use my imagination when planning our shoot. Furthermore, she has guided me through each session and gives me great suggestions on posing and facial expressions, and even makes me laugh so she can capture my true smile. 

Now, I have so many image options to choose from to use for my business and social media; content that is so true to who I am. Colleen makes your authenticity and realness shine through each photograph. And… she makes you feel pretty darn confident in yourself.

Alyson Marr, Realtor


I am not tech savvy and social media is not my wheelhouse, so the idea of managing Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for my small business overwhelmed me. When I found Colleen, she was a perfect fit. We hit it off at “hello!”

Colleen is efficient and intentional in what she delivers, which is one of the reasons I trust her so much. She quickly learned my language (how I say things) and is able to completely manage my social media platforms with very little input from me, which I like. Colleen makes me and my business shine.

Monica orr, morr events

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